Fundrasing made easy

  Swag On Site  specializes in on-site custom apparel printing at events and tournaments.  We take care of everything for you from creating the main event logo to conducting sales at the event.  

How it works

1.  Our planning team obtains the details about your event.

2.  Our professional graphic designers create cutting edge t-shirt designs for the front and back of the shirt.

3.  We arrive on-site and setup a booth where we offer many different designs as well as 20-30 different colors of short sleeves, long sleeves, hoodies, and more.

4. We accept cash as well as debit and credit cards on site, making the buying process for your participants smooth and seamless.

5. we are transparent.  You see what our actual sales were, and will know what percentage of sales your organizaton will receive..

Here's what we do for you

  • We are specialists in on-site event apparel printing at competitions and events
  • Our service is completely risk and investment free.
  • We handle everything from custom designing your event’s graphics, to operating a fun and professional booth with over 20 different colors of shirts. And guess what? We do not ask for a single penny! (Who doesn’t love a Hassle-free experience when fundraising?)
  • Our friendly and professional staff will sell custom apparel for the duration of your event. Then, a few days later, you receive a cheque for 25% of sales that were made.

What makes us different from the other guys

  Whether you have 250, 2500, or 10,000 people coming to your event, we will provide the ultimate experience for your association with superior merchandise that allows for optimal 

fundrasing results.  In addition we keep the designs of your event in stock for up to one year after the event and make them available for sale on our website.  And yes your organization will receive a percentage of our on line sales as well.  Thats a pretty sweet deal.

Where we go

Swag on site attends the following events

  • Sporting Events
  • Community Events
  • Church and religous events
  • Fundraiseers
  • Corporate Events
  • Community Events
  • School Events